The Sweet Life in the Caribbean: Top 5 Desserts in Trinidad and Tobago

The ‘sweet life’ – you can associate this term with several things, ranging from a holiday cruise onboard a megaship to a fine dining experience in a first-class restaurant.

Now, this is exactly what you get when travelling to the Caribbean – a destination you can’t help but equate to relaxing mornings by the beach and exciting nights in a party club.

When you do decide to take that much-awaited trip to the region, here’s one delicious tip: have a taste of its local sweets. And if you’re heading over to Trinidad and Tobago, you might want to look for these sumptuous treats.

Cinnamon Rolls

We all know that Caribbean is famous for its spices, so it comes as no surprise that cinnamon rolls are among its speciality food.

If you want to find the best-tasting rolls, head out to Kerry’s Nice & Sweet Treats, where availability is based on special orders.

Ponche de Creme Brulee

‘Ponche’ is actually a creamy punch, which is a bit like eggnog but with rum. On the other hand, ‘creme brulee’ is burnt cream. When combining these two terms, you probably have an image in your mind already. If you still can’t picture out ponche de crème brulee, see below.

If you’re in Trinidad, go to Caffe del Mare, where you can pair the sweet treat with an equally delicious coffee beverage.

Dark Chocolate

Hmm, you might be wondering what makes this famous treat different from all the other brands and varieties available worldwide.

First, it’s artisan chocolate, which means that it’s produced by local chocolatiers – hence, artisan – who takes into heart what they do. Second, it’s made from the finest cacao. Third, it’s loaded with health benefits since it’s made from pure cacao.

Given these details, you might want to head out to Moreshead Gourmet Market in Tobago or Malabar Farms in Trinidad to buy this sumptuous and healthy chocolate.

Now, don’t you think these sweet treats are worth trying?

If you’re wondering if there are more desserts to this list, the answer is ‘yes’. However, you may have to wait for particular days when some restaurants find the time to bake treats like the coconut sweet bread at Syps Restaurant and Bar. You can also ask around for directions to popular pastry shops.


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